PHC Programs

TPA prepares and implements Plant Health Care (PHC) programs to enhance, protect and manage any type of plant material – from trees to turf.

Whether it is an entire park of trees, a rural shelterbelt such as a Cypress windbreak, a beloved patch of turf in a backyard, or even a small vegie patch, TPA can apply its unique world’s best practice approach to their environmental management.

TPA PHC programs can be tailored to fit different customers’ needs, plant material, and budget requirements.

Each program can consist of key liquid microbial applications, soil works, PHC data collection/documentation and monitoring to manage plant health over time using a clearly scheduled pro-active strategy.

TPA is dedicated to the health and sustainability of all plants in the urban landscape. Investing in your plants and soil provides benefits for you, forthcoming generations and our living planet’s fragile future.



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Download Brochure