Deep Root Soil Injection

Tree Preservation Australia’s Deep Root Soil Injection (DRSI) is unique in the way it deliberately seeks to address multiple problems in and around a tree’s root system.




As one of the many important tools in our Plant Health Care program, DRSI can be used to:

• Accelerate the recovery process of select trees by encouraging deeper rooting
• Deliver specially formulated liquids, microbial plant and soil health inoculants and organic stimulants directly into the root profile
• De-compact and aerate soils in and around the tree’s root zone
• Provide avenues for vertical mulching of the root zone which puts more carbon pathways down into the soil profile which improve wetting of hydrophobic soils in the tree’s rhizosphere.

We never inject any chemicals into the soil because they inevitably hurt existing soil biota or plant roots and may even in some instances contaminate nearby waterways.

Tree Preservation Australia (TPA) has many years of experience in using this technique as part of overall programs to regenerate soils and restore plant health.


A section of root inoculated with Mycorrhizae using TPA’s DRSI system

A section of root inoculated with Mycorrhizae using TPA’s DRSI system


Additionally, TPA is capable of delivering beyond its Plant Health Care programs to inoculate your trees and plants during the rehabilitation program.

Your precious ornamental tree can become the start of your very own Food Forest – imagine harvesting Oyster Mushrooms and Truffles from your own backyard while the health of your trees is improving through TPA’s Plant Health Care program?

Contact TPA for more details on this innovative initiative that could yield many more benefits with little effort on your part.


Deep Root Soil Injection (DRSI)

Deep Root Soil Injection (DRSI)